KODI Source Driver for ELAN

KODI Source Driver for ELAN

January 11, 2017
elan kodi driver

Our KODI Source Driver for ELAN offers:

  • IP Control
  • Press to Scroll transport commands

What does this driver do? This driver allows for the integration and control of a KODI from ELAN.

You can find the integration note here – please feel free to browse before purchase.


  • IP Control
  • Press to Scroll transport commands

Easy Setup Want the easiest possible setup? Simply add a Remote Support option to your basket and we’ll set everything up for you.

The Intrinsic Difference We pride ourselves in making the best drivers available and so we like to put that little extra into our creations to make us stand out from the crowd.  All of our drivers go through hours of lab testing and are extensively field tested in real world environments.  In addition, our integration notes are all written by actual installers, making them much more meaningful.  Our drivers are backed up with the most comprehensive support in the industry.

Support If it’s your first time installing this driver or if you think there’s a technical problem, all of our drivers are fully supported through Online Support System

Feedback Every driver is made by us in house in the UK. If you have any suggestions on new features or changes you would like to see in our driver, then please let us know.

Licence Only one licence is need per ELAN controller and can run as many devices as required up to the limit supported by the ELAN platform.

Download the integration note for CORE Programming’s KODI Source Driver for ELAN g!

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